I jogged and ran
A long time ago
I traveled with our dog
She couldn’t wait to get home

And dad would run
So close behind
He liked my speed
Which I sung in my mind

I loved the breeze
Against my face
I loved the rhythm
Of my pace

Slow but steady
I grew strong
I remember in gym class
Leaving friends on the lawn

I liked to run
And to hear my breath
I was focused on the journey
Not what was clouding my head

There was a type of peace
That was lighting my path
I followed it home
Where I could rest at last

Maybe one day
I will try again
To pick up my feet
And face the wind

One step at a time
I can loosen my grip
On the anxiety that binds
And hides my true spirit

There will be a day
When I’ll stop being afraid
I will point my finger
And put anxiety in its place

Only God really knows
How grateful I feel
Towards one particular person
Who’s helping to break this seal

This day will come soon
I have so much support
Loved ones cheering me on
Loved ones pushing me forward

They provide the Lord’s light
Which still guides my path
Turning me towards the sun
And out of the dark mess

Maybe tomorrow
Or maybe today
I can break free
And run again


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