A Prayer of Affirmation

Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth, of all that is seen and unseen, I praise your name with a heart full of love! As I ask for forgiveness, I also affirm my responsibilities as Your child:

I now affirm that I choose to live a life as Your disciple!

I now affirm that I will take every opportunity to learn from everyone, even if it’s painful so that I can live and grow in Your light!

I now affirm that this day is precious and I will live in it and not in the past!

I now affirm I will respect myself and care for my body properly!

I now affirm that a joyful life is my birthright given by You!

I now affirm I will observe myself and others without judgment!

I now affirm I will meditate on Your Word and pray for guidance daily!

I now affirm I will trust in You to find courage in times of turmoil!

I now affirm You created me for a purpose and I am significant in this world!

I now affirm that my words and deeds will be used to nourish myself and others as I release all grudges and resentments!

I now affirm that at this moment all is well and I thank You Lord for the miracle of my existence!

I now affirm that my words and actions will be used to glorify You and draw me closer to You!

As always, I love You! As always, I trust You!


Adapted from Enneagram Transformations: Release and Affirmations for Healing Your Personality Types by Don Richard Riso


A Prayer

Dear Father,

Thank You for the breath of life. Thank You for the depth of Your love. Thank You for never giving up on me.

Please help me to shine Your Light with the gifts you have bestowed on me. Show me how to see with Your eyes all that is happening in this world around me. Guide my heart to hear those in pain, so that I may wrap Your arms around them. Rid my mind of judgment and resentment, so I can be free to love and understand myself, and free to love and understand others.

As I hear sirens pass down the road, I pray for all involved. As I listen about a recent shooting, I pray for all involved. As I learn of a natural disaster destroying cities, I pray for all involved.

But what I understand from Your Word is that prayer includes action.

I pray for guidance to move in Your direction; not sit back and ask: “Why?”

I pray for courage to answer the question: “What more can I do right now?”



the clock keeps removing time
lost among the weeks and days
lost among the rush of life
only to surprise us late one night
the sky paints the night dark gray
the clock continues to tick and tock
the day rolls by in a boxcar seat
each moment leaving behind a dream
dreams which never come true
dreams lost and wasted
the clock continues its annoying drum
ignoring the chaos created
taking a step back into time
allows for reexamination
the clock stops and silence falls
to permit a great reflection
sometimes dreams are what we chose
a curtain drawn in sleep
other times dreams partner with imagination
guiding us to follow that which we seek
as the clock starts to sound again
reality becomes clear
my dream to have a life worth living
is possible even with a mountain of fear